Mitochondrial Rescue Using a Kardivar For Heart Rate Variability

Mitochondrial Repair
Lilias Ahmeira
Mitochondrial Rescue.
So, you are finally tired of being tired. AND you think you have tried everything …

You eat right, you sleep right, and you exercise – you should be feeling on top of the world and the best you have ever been. Instead, you feel as though you have a set of flat batteries and no matter what you do, they never get recharged and you walk around with your knuckles on the floor metaphorically, and you wake up tired every morning and haul your bones out of bed.

Then mitochondrial repair is for you. I have been in practice for over twenty years and I can honestly say this is one of the most exciting therapies I have ever offered. Many people have struggled for years with chronic illnesses and it takes a long time to get them well again – years for some people. The reason being, their mitochondria are not producing sufficient power to kick start the body into the healing phase. Their body is exhausted and drained of all healing resources.

If a car has a flat battery it is easy you simply jump start it, getting a human body that is drained of resources back on it’s feet again used to be very difficult – now, that has all changed. I have recently completed a Mitochondrial Rescue Case Study on my own son that has produced some amazing results.

We are really proud to be working with doctors and scientists who have the links back to the original people whose knowledge and expertise made this all possible.  Scientists in Russia had to find the solution to help prevent the astronauts from aging internally 8 times faster whilst they travelled in space.  Finally after more than 15 years research they have come up with a solution, which is very exciting as it is fundamental to our health and we can offer this to you today.

Mitochondrial Repair
“The adaptive capacity of the organism plays a vital role in sustaining life and maintaining health.”
Mitochondrial Therapy

What is Mitochondrial Repair?

Using the very sophisticated Kardivar Heart Rate Variability device, the stress levels on your body can be calculated to determine the state of your health, seen through the eyes of your Autonomic Nervous System. (ANS). From the signals received from you to the device we can determine the risk of an imminent heart attack. How the Heart, Brain and Organs are communicating with each other. How balanced the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic systems are and how that relates to your Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands.

When you are stuck in a stressful life, you are permanently in fight or flight and this is a place that it is very difficult to heal from. The body is too tense from stress and gradually breaks down, in turn you experience the symptoms of “dis-ease” in the body.

Mitochondrial Rescue using the Kardivar HRV is able to show us how your body is managing the various forms of stress whether they be Physical, Emotional, Mental, Chemical, Electromagnetic and so many others.

Whether you are a high powered executive, a busy mum or a highly strung child, all can hugely benefit from the insights of Kardivar HRV testing and the amazing treatment protocols which the cosmonauts use to keep their body’s working optimally.

How affective is Mitochondrial Rescue?

It is the most effective protocol to move the body’s energy system into healing that I have ever seen. My clients come to me with a broad range of issues, and virtually everyone has responded with a less than 2% failure rate. The tough cases such as Chronic Fatigue and ME experience the ability to have the power back to enjoy life again and finally start healing. Autism is a complex disorder with many differing symptoms. We find that by adding power, the body can respond to those issues and wonderful changes can occur. In the USA, Carnosine is a patented cardio tonic. Heart patients can greatly reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke using these protocols, all of which are measurable on the Vericard HRV machine. Blood pressure too, is another area that can hugely benefit from these protocols. People with thyroid issues often find they need to reduce their thyroid medication and enjoy better hormonal regulation, and the list goes on and on.

Mitochondrial Rescue

When the body is totally exhausted and the mitochondria, has nothing left to offer, it cannot respond to normal pills and supplements or assimilate them.   It simply does not have the “power” to process them.  After many years of research scientists were able to formulate specific potentised nutrient complexes to address this inability for the body to respond due to a lack of power.  The client is given these very special protocols based upon a person’s Vericard Heart Rate Variability test results. These supplements, uniquely access the mitochondria leading to genuine intracellular support and repair.

Body Systems

A test will show you how affective your Immune system is and how that affects other aspects of your body, such as your Hormonal systems and Endocrine, Brain, Cardiovascular, Immune and Emotional systems. It will also show clearly your ability (or not) to adapt to the stresses you are currently placing upon your body.

The Kardivar can also show you why you are not losing weight and through regular testing and support, you will be able to see when your system has adapted enough for you to start to lose weight. Put simply you cannot burn fat without the presence of oxygen. If there is not enough oxygen accessing the cells you are incapable of losing weight.

So who should be tested? – Everyone who is stressed or has a compromised immune system old or young.

The test involves sitting for 5 minutes with leads attached to your ankles and wrists whilst the Kardivar takes measurements. This information is then analysed and a print out is produced which is then explained to you. According to the information on your print out, certain very specialized protocols will be suggested to you to support your mitochondria and start the process of recovery back to full health.

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My son is aged 8, he has Autism and has been on the Mitochondrial Therapy now for just over 12 months. 
During this time we have seen him steadily mature, he is much less fidgety and calmer in himself.  He has been consistently growing in both height and weight, which is good to see, he had always been a slim child wearing clothes the size below his age but now since being on this protocol he has filled out and shot up in height and is now wearing age appropriate size clothes or even the next size up-something I though I would never see!
Our biggest improvement however is speech, when we first saw Lilias he was barely verbal, he could request for his needs but not much else, over the last 6 months in particular he has started asking questions, commenting on any and every situation (and appropriately), and his comprehension of language has improved considerably- we now have a chatty child! All this has meant he is now starting to interact much more with his classmates and family and has developed a new level of self-confidence, awareness and enjoyment.
GH, Cheshire

Atrial Fibrillation

Two years ago, after a long history of occasional frightening attacks of heart arrhythmias (accompanied by very high blood pressure and always related to carbohydrate intake), I dropped into permanent atrial fibrillation. I then became breathless on the slightest exertion and incredibly tired and lifeless.

I took a considered decision not to accept orthodox NHS treatment – I did not take blood thinners and I did not accept cardioversion (to stop and restart my heart) or surgery (catheter ablation) as I was unhappy about the possible unwanted effects.

I was fortunate to find Lilias. On my first consultation with her she was concerned that, according to her state of the art machine, my ability to respond to stress was extremely low. I was also reading very low on many other parameters. Lilias started me on her mitochondrial regime and within a few short weeks, my stress tolerance noticeably improved. A year later, I am still in atrial fibrillation and still somewhat breathless on exertion. However, I can now do a lot more than I used to and can even walk for a couple of hours – which I simply couldn’t do before.

I am very grateful for this improvement and for beginning to feel like my old self again. I fully expect to get better still as time goes on and can heartily recommend Lilias as a caring, confident and very knowledgeable therapist.

ADT, (71 years)

Atrial Fibrillation case study

As a relatively young, fit and healthy 22 year old I started the mitochondrial support supplements.  I was not expecting much of a change, as I already considered myself to be quite well. 

From just the first few weeks the changes were very noticeable! 

I was waking up naturally in the morning rather then snoozing my alarm 6 times.   I wasn’t yawning anymore or binging out on junk food at 3pm. Basically the wall I used to hit come mid afternoon no longer existed. My sleep actually felt more restful and I had more energy and focus than before.  I realise now that my perception of what it meant to feel ‘well’ wasn’t really well at all! 

Along with the mitochondrial supplements Lilias recommended life style and diet changes to help me live an all around healthier life, and I’ve never felt better!  I would recommend Lilias to anyone – from people with serious health issues to anyone feeling like they just need a little boost!  L. Connors

Just before I met Lilias I had reached a very unhealthy point in my life.   I was the heaviest I have ever been, having gained a lot of excess weight that no matter what I did I couldn’t lose (and even when I did it always slowly crept back on).

Following her advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle since our first meeting I’ve felt the best I have ever been both physically mentally.  In 6 months I lost 20 kilos and have continued to keep it off. My diet is no longer just a ‘diet’ but part of my new healthy lifestyle and I have never felt better! 

Lilias has such an extensive knowledge on all things health and well being. She is kind, patient and has the most wonderful healing energy about her.  Lilias’s desire to help people is extremely evident in her presence and in her whole practice. Lilias helped me re-claim my life! R. Coutts

I wish I had started mitochondrial years ago.

I wanted to say how happy I am since I started taking the mitochondrial supplements.
They have made such a difference to my health – I’m feeling so much better…more energy for sure.

I have spent thousands of pounds over the years in vitamins , but nothing made any difference.

I wish I had started mitochondrial years ago.

Thank you Suzannah & Lilias.

A brighter future for our daughter

We are very grateful for your help. The mitochondrial rescue therapy is very effective, and Scarlett now four and a half is making big progress.  You will probably remember when we came to you in May of this year Scarlett would very occasionally say a single word.  She was completely locked in her own world.  She couldn’t listen to us or answer any questions and seemed to have no memory of things or events.  Scarlett could not even sit beside another child playing with a toy, or if another child came close to her to play – she would move away.

Scarlett is now doing so well at school the change is huge. The teachers praise her for good behaviour, she now knows and remembers some of her teacher’s names. Scarlett can now pay attention to other children, she does not make friends yet, but plays alongside the other children at school. Her manual skills have improved, like drawing or cutting with the scissors. Generally Scarlett understands much more language and answers most of the questions with 3 – 4 word sentences.  Before she did not answer any questions.

We are also very excited as a neighbour’s child came over the other day who is three years older than her and she actually asked him to play with her – this is a first.

She is now waiting for Christmas!  Previously she has not understood what Christmas is, and now she knows exactly who Santa is, and that he comes in December. She can even express what she would like for Christmas.  We are much less stressed now as we see a much better and brighter future for our daughter.

Thank You so much.

Scarlett’s Parents
Hemel Hempstead

Multiple Complex Health Issues

“Thank you so much Lilias.  This treatment really has changed my life completely in less than two months!  I have as you know, been battling to recover my health for nearly 8 years, and this is the best I have felt in that time, and the difference between me, 7 weeks ago, and me today when writing this, is simply, like night and day.

I have boundless energy, where previously, I had none.  I have motivation and a desire to move forward and be creative, when previously I had none.  More, I have been able to actually do something about that motivation and desire, and turn it into positive action and movement.  I have set up a new business, am following my passion, and am able to get up every morning before the alarm, and everyone else in the house, when previously, they would all be about their daily business before I would awake.

It is truly phenomenal how far I have come in such a short space of time, and I have no doubt, that if I have come this far in 7 weeks, the next 7 weeks will be even better, and so on, moving forward.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

C.B. Cheshire

Significant Quality of Life Improvements After Malignant Brain Tumour Surgery

My daughter, (aged 12) had a malignant brain tumour 5 years ago. Whilst in remission but dependent on steroids and other medications, I found her with little energy, lack of lust for life, moody and sad. After 9 months of working with Lilias using the Mitochondrial Therapy, I have noticed that we have had to move her bedtime from 6.30pm to 8.30pm which is more in line with a 12 year old, her interest in day to day activities has vastly improved, her mood is more stable and I am seeing a lightness of spirit with an appetite for life developing. She is able to focus and concentrate for longer. I’ve found little things like an interest in clothes and music etc appearing which is all part of growing up! We continue to see progress still and its delightful to see her more content with life. Lilias is extremely knowledgable, professional and clearly really cares about her work. Thank you Lilias!’

Autism Testimonial

My son has been on the mito protocol since August 2017, at this time his sleep pattern was very sporadic and had been this way for years. I had tried everything possible to try and help him in this area to no avail. Almost 2 weeks into the mitochondrial protocol his sleep started to improve and has gone from strength to strength and now sleeps 8-10 hours every night! His eye contact has improved even more and he is really looking at you now and watching for you to make eye contact back. He is also doing amazingly well with his ABA education at home, sitting at desk nicely and when he is told to leave (after he’s finished his work) he now stays sat there and asks for “more work” his ABA tutors are very impressed how quickly he is learning and how his attention span has improved massively.

Huge thanks from the bottom of my heart.

MB Hampshire

Chronic Thyroid Issues

Dear Lilias

I just wanted to say thank you.

As you know I saw my gp four weeks ago, just as I was about to start your supplements. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I did not start to take thyroxine I will die young, my gp told me it would be a stupid decision to try to heal myself any other way. He told me he had not seen blood results worse than mine and that I have hashimotos disease and am post-menopausal. At 43 years old this was quite shocking to hear.

Four weeks ago my whole body ached, it felt as if I was walking on broken glass when I got out of bed every morning. I could not roll over in bed during the night without moaning in discomfort, I went to bed at 9pm and struggled to get out of bed in the morning.

I was always cold, I thought my boiler was not working because I could not turn the heat up in my shower to a comfortable level. I was chilly even though it was on the maximum temperature and this was in the middle of summer.

My head was so sensitive I had to use a tangle teaser to brush my hair and sometimes I avoided brushing at all because it was so uncomfortable.

Four weeks in and I have no pain in my feet, I can roll over in bed without waking, the shower is suddenly scalding and I can use a comb in my hair. I wake up alert and sometimes stay up past midnight. I have had a few nights out with friends (virtually unheard of in the past year) and I am happier.

There have been other things I have noticed, I have passed a lot of parasites, I am getting hot flushes and tender breasts. My appetite has changed and I have more strength for walking upstairs and completing household chores. I was permanently wiped out, unable at times to cook or load the dishwasher – I can do these things with ease now. It felt like the power was slowly draining out of me before whereas I now feel like my batteries are charging up.

I still have a way to go before I will be fully functioning, I am still tired and physically weaker than I have been in the past but the difference is dramatic. I am not going to take the thyroxine yet, in 8 weeks time I will have another blood test but if my recovery continues on this trajectory I am certain I will not need it. I stopped taking every other supplement I was on so I know it is dr kuceras supplements that are having this effect on me.

I will send another update in 4 weeks time.

Thank you again Rachel

Thank you for introducing me to Mitochondria Therapy! I have been struggling with hormonal and weight issues for over 10 years. I have been seeing regular doctors, naturopath doctors, functional doctors and taken tons of supplements, watched my diet, but nothing has helped. I’ve had mineral analysis done on my hair and it showed heavy metals toxicity, I was on a heavy metal detox protocol for 6 months (prior to meeting you) but when I got results back pretty much nothing had changed and my results didn’t improve a lot, so I gave up. I have now been on the mitochondria therapy for 7 weeks and today after our scans I can see a lot of improvements in my body. The heavy metals are hugely reduced from my system, the mold is hugely reduced. Really in 7 weeks, this is amazing, no other supplements have ever done this for me.
Dear Lilias you are a Blessing in my life!!!
Svetlana, New York

Since meeting Lilias on Monday,getting HRV testing and starting and a regime of supplements to help fix my mitrochondria,I can honestly say that I have had the best week in 23yrs of debilitating fatigue.  It feels like I’m no longer looking at life through a window and I can finally join in!  Thank you Lilias you really are wonderful. 8/4/17

KB, Exeter (Housebound for 23 years). KB, Exeter

Thank you so much Lilias , I’m bursting with joy at the moment, it’s a huge blessing to have found you and the amazing work you do. My beautiful boy is going be ok I know it and believe it 100% . Yesterday was an onerous day for my son, he just climbed into bed when we got home , however he was up this morning at 8.30am and having his supplements, I’m really excited to share this with the world, they say Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is an incurable illness , well that’s bullshit, they just haven’t met Lilias yet that’s all !!! 

SM Maidenhead  (16 year old boy sleeping 18 hours a day with chronic fatigue). SM, Maidenhead

The easiest way to explain the impact mitochondrial therapy has had on my life in the last 2 months is to give you a before and after snap shot of what I was and am now dealing with in terms of my body.

Symptoms Pre MT: 

  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Complete lack of energy
  • Weight gain that wouldn’t shift (Size 16)
  • Complete lack of self-esteem and motivation
  • Lyme disease
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Dry skin
  • Constant Muscle twitching
  • Chronic bladder infection
  • Adrenal exhaustion

Symptoms 8 weeks post MT

  • Waking up at 5.30 full of beans
  • Constant energy throughout the day, I have shifted from being a night owl to being tired and ready for bed at 9.30 but waking early completely refreshed
  • Weight has dropped of so quickly I am now back in size 10 jeans
  • I no longer need to eat just to have enough energy to cope with the next task
  • I feel totally happy and exhilarated
  • People are constantly telling me how well I look… “You are glowing!” is the most popular.
  • I am off all thyroid medication.
  • Bladder is my only lingering symptom and can still be a little twitchy – reminding me that I still have healing to do.

 In a nutshell MT has for me been totally life changing, it has exceeded all expectations and I am truly grateful to be where I am right now, as I did not in my wildest dream expect results so good and so fast.  In Lilias I have found one of the most enthusiast and caring practitioners who I have also found to be one of the most genuine and real human beings.  Lilias you have my eternal gratitude for not just giving me my life back but giving me back the 26 year old version of myself, but with the wisdom and experiences of the 46 year old me.

25/5/17  CP Reid, Tonbridge  CP Reid, Tonbridge

I had the absolute honour to meet Lilias this past week. Lilias was recommended to me as for many months I have suffered with chronic fatigue brain fog and extreme, heavy painful legs, The fatigue being so severe that I was falling asleep whiles standing and despite how long I slept I had absolutely no energy.

On meeting Lilias I immediately felt a calmness and sence of kindness which immediately caused a tear, a tear of relief really that l was being listened to and supported.

Lilias did the HRV test on me. She explained my readings and the supplements in full detail and it’s extremely fascinating.

I am now on day four: The past 48 hours I have been out for lunch, painted my sons room, Had friends over for dinner, I even found myself singing along in the car all the things that this time last week I had absolutely no energy to even consider! 
I am feeling extremely grateful, I have always been a very busy working mum as well as helping my husband with his business and I feel me again within hours of the supplements. I can’t wait to see Lilias in July. I can’t wait for Lilias to meet the real me and not the delicate weeping lady she met this week… Thank you Lilias I highly recommend you to everyone.

LK, Bath 14/5/17 LK, Bath


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