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Enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Wellness

The Pure Harmony Pendant works miracles by using the science of quantum physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help release past trauma and stressors from the Mind and Body, thereby amplifying and restoring the body’s natural core vibrational blueprint back into harmony, back into balance.

Get your Mind and Body in Balance

Being exposed to numerous types of stressors and trauma throughout a lifetime not only negatively impacts your natural core vibrational blueprint, but also your overall health and performance. This negative impact can also lead to a cascade of imbalances and disharmony through out your biophoton field, disrupting your biochemistry, causing increased inflammation, oxidative stress, poor performance, and potentially chronic illness.

By energetically releasing past trauma and stressors through harmonic resonance and the harmonizing process, we are addressing the root cause of the illness, instead of just treating the symptoms. Once the past trauma and stressors are energetically released, the body’s natural core vibrational blueprint, biophoton field regulation, and biochemistry can reset back into to harmony and back into balance, paving the way to optimum health. Through the harmonizing process, we are restoring and empowering the body’s own natural innate ability to heal itself.

How Does It Work

The Pure Harmony Pendant in its unique design aligns and channels the 8 main energetic pathways of the body that are upstream from all others. In doing so, this causes the energy flowing through the pendant to resonate a frequency that matches the core vibrational blueprint of the body, establishing harmonic resonance between the two vibrating systems (pendant and the body).

The result of this harmonic resonance is a powerful vibratory state that amplifies and restores the natural core vibrational blueprint of the body back into harmony and balance, thereby energetically releasing past trauma, stressors, and energy blocks. This restores and rejuvenates the biophoton field regulation that controls all the biochemical and metabolic programs of the body, empowering the body’s own innate healing potential to be working at 100%. This provides the path to optimum health.





Positively Impacting





How To Activate

Get Harmonized Now!

Activating the Pure Harmony Pendant for the very first time is simple and only takes about 2 – 3 minutes.

  • Find a comfortable position and relax
  • Place the pendant on the forehead so the bottom edge of the pendant is just touching the tops of your eyebrows 
  • The domain name on the pendant should always be facing away from you
  • Close the eyes and focus on the darkness in eyes
  • While focusing on the darkness, try not to think any thoughts, and find a place in between thoughts
  • Hold this Body/Mind position for about 2 – 3 minutes
  • Congratulations you are now officially harmonized

I call the activation process “Getting Harmonized” or the “Harmonization” process.

It’s a simple, yet very effective way of  energetically releasing stressors and past trauma and restoring the body’s natural core vibrational blueprint back into harmony and back into balance.

New and Improved Harmonizing/Activation Point

( The New “On the Forehead” Harmonizing/Activation Point Replaces the “Below the Belly Button” Point )

Understanding Your Light Metabolism

by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PHD

Topics Discussed

  • What is your Biophoton Field?
  • Why are Photons important?
  • How does the Chromatin in the DNA emit Photons?
  • How do Photons regulate 100,000 biochemical reactions in the cell every second? 
  • How does your Biophoton Field regulate your biology?
  • How do stressors/trauma negatively impact your Biophoton Field?

Pre-Harmonizing Testing

(Tests 1-6)

Test 1

Autonomic Nervous System Regulation

Detecting and addressing regulation issues in the Autonomic Nervous System.

Test 2


Detect and addressing Polarity issues found in the Axis of your Biophoton Field.

Test 3

EMF Protection

Discover how the Pure Harmony Pendant helps protect from harmful EMF exposure.

Test 4

Sun Sensitivity and the Photo-electric Effect

Detect if the Sun is a hidden stressor and if you have a Sun sensitivity.  Discover how the Pendant can harmonize you with the Sun and maximize the photoelectric effect to help increase your cellular energy and performance.

Test 5


Detect if  Grounding is a hidden stressor and if it is actually harming you.  Discover how the Pendant can harmonize you with Grounding and maximize your Redox Potential, increasing your cellular energy and performance. 

Test 6

Disharmony Between Couples/Families

Discover if there is energetic disharmony between you and your mate (and/or family member, friend, or teammate). Learn how harmonizing may be your solution to a deeper bond, a greater closeness and harmony.

Post-Harmonizing Testing

Post Harmonization Results

Now that you’ve seen of the Before Harmonizing Tests 1 – 6, take a moment to review the Post Harmonization Results. 

Making an Impact and Changing Lives

Robert’s been sought after guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows since emerging on the national Biohacking and Bioenergy Medicine Scene with his appearance on the Wendy Myers Live to 110 podcast and his wildly popular exhibit at the 2017 Bulletproof Conference.

There’s no doubt that Robert’s been on a mission to share his secrets to optimum health and performance to impact the masses. If you would like to hear more about how the Pure Harmony Pendant can positively impact your health and performance right from Robert himself, we invite you to review any of the podcasts and radio shows listed here. We have a feeling that what you will learn will certainly resonate with you and could potentially change your life forever.


Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog, Gut Issues, Sleep Disturbances

Transformational. Having spent multiple Tens of Thousands of $s to deal with fatigue, brain fog, gut imbalances, and sleep disturbances, the Harmony Pendant laid the foundation for everything else I was doing to finally work. The Harmony Pendant was the one thing that helped get me out of constant Para Sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) and into a more sympathetic state where I could heal. And it helped reverse many of the energy balances I had in my body. All of this has helped all the good stuff from probiotics, targeted nutritional support, adrenal supplements, and sleep aids to finally start working and I have made a ton of progress. My energy is better, working out more, and sleep has improved too!

One of the things I have learned over my many years in improving my health, is that if it gets too complicated or your are having to take “20” things, you probably aren’t solving at the right level. Or, there are hidden stressors that are holding you back. By acting as a tuning fork, the Pure Harmony Pendant solves many problems at the root and enables everything else you are doing to finally work at their fullest potential. For the money, this is one of the best investments in my health that I have ever made.

Eric. S

I am a international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider. There are long days in Florida heat being both a rider and a trainer. There were days where I was foggy and groggy and tired. Within minutes of harmonizing with my Pure Harmony Pendant, I felt lighter, taller, clearer and brighter. Even the colors are more vivid! I have more energy and stamina and most all- hope.

I feel that being harmonized with the horses that I am training and riding both in and out of competition, is super important. I feel as though we are working together in harmony as one, instead of working against one another. It’s made a huge impact all around.

Michael Hochstetler – Grand Prix Rider

I tend to have an extreme sensitivity to EMFs. Its extremely uncomfortable for me to be on a plane, especially when all the electronics shift on before taking off on the runway. I get tight throat, anxious breathing, and nauseous. I can even feel the magnetic push coming off of heavy electrical equipment, which is very uncomfortable. I saw Robert at the 2017 Bulletproof Conference, but didnt want to wait in the long line that was always at his booth. I couldn’t go into the tech hall of the conference, because of all the heavy electronics being used, and finally on the last day of the conference I went and visited the booth. Immediately I could tell a difference. I went right into the tech hall without any discomfort. I flew home on the plane and for the first time, had a great experience flying. For me, this pendant has helped like nothing else ever has, for my EMF sensitivity. I wear the pendant for at least 1 hour each day in the morning, and when traveling, it doesn’t leave my body.

Todd Shipman – EMF Sensitivity

I have been using the Pure Harmony Performance Pendant for the last month and I have regenerated my youth. I feel so much quicker, so much faster, and so much more powerful than I have for a long time. I am able to train harder and recover faster. I would highly recommend it for anybody who has aches or pains and wants to move forward in their athletic careers.

Mike Gavronski - Ranked 13th In The World WBA

Hi, I’m Michael Hochstetler an international 5 * licensed Grand Prix rider and trainer . I take horses that nobody wants and give them a second chance in life.

I had a little criminally minded ill mannered athletic horse named Harley,that was literally left at my barn out of frustration. This horse had gone through ALL the big time international trainers- no one could get him over an jump and those that could, couldn’t do it again!!! For whatever reason, he and I were instantly bonded.

After months of getting him fit, he still was not performing well. In desperation I called Robert to see if there was anything that he could do. Robert harmonized him with a Pure Harmony Pendant to release past trauma and imbalances.​

This troubled horse within 1 week went from stopping and not jumping over a 2 foot jump, to impressively jumping 5+ foot jumps smoothly and effortlessly. Needless to say, he went on and jumped at the highest level in competition.​

As a professional rider and trainer, I am confident that Robert and the Pure Harmony Pendant can be game-changer for you and your horse as well. He can even work with you and your horse remotely over the phone without being there in person. I have experienced great success with Robert’s remote work recently with 3 world class horses, that I am currently training.

While a lot of people are looking for an instant fix, the results with the Pure Harmony Pendant are incredible and not like anything I’ve ever experienced. I feel that every horse and trainer would see noticeable improvements and benefits. It’s definitely worth it.

Harley – Grand Prix Horse

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