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Julian Lewis testimonial on Frequency Specific Microcurrent

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Wow, please go and see this lady! I’ve been a migraine sufferer for 20 years progressively getting worse and unbearable in the last year. Conventional doctor’s could only prescribe pain relief and even that was beginning not to work. My worst migraine lasted for 10 days and I was swallowing more and more pills to no avail. I saw Lilias’s leaflet suggesting that if you can get to the root cause of a problem then you can fix it at that point instead of merely masking the pain. This intrigued me and I thought I would give it a go. I picked up the phone to see if she could help me and immediately I felt at ease speaking to her. I thought I knew what the outcome would be: give up chocolate and coffee! How wrong could I be! That’s why I’m not a practitioner and Lilias is. She discovered that I had heavy metal toxicity, parasites and viruses. I was very sceptical at first but I trusted her expertise and didn’t have to wait long to see the results. She set about prescribing various natural remedies to treat these specific issues and 2 WEEKS later I had my first migraine free period!!! I have now had my second migraine free period and I don’t expect to have any more migraines! This has changed my life totally and along the way Lilias has addressed some stress and emotional issues that I wasn’t even aware were there. She truly is a miracle worker with her goal to make your life healthier and happier. I always enjoy my appointments with Lilias as she is always so positive and transfers this to you. She is always on hand for support whenever I needed it which showed great commitment to my cause. I would urge anyone wishing to improve their health to go and be healed by Lilias (OBE if I had my way). Five words I associate with Lilias: health, trust, expertise, positivity and energy. Thank you Lilias (and Liz).
Marie (from Aberdeen)

Unexplained Kidney and Lower Back Pain

I am 15 years old and have been suffering with terrible pain in my lower back and around my kidneys for around five months. It affected my education daily, sitting for hours on a school chair was extremely uncomfortable and therefore my attention in class was focused on my pain, rather than my work. My teachers had noticed a change in me and were concerned enough to contact my parents. Carrying my school bag around was unbearable.
Sport something I really enjoy had been so painful, I had to be excused for many of the lessons. Going to the Bath and West Show with my family was ruined by the pain it was so intense I could not walk and my Dad had to carry me – I was in tears with pain.
I went to my GP and I was prescribed painkillers twice a day for fortnight, and then told to return in two weeks. Upon my return nothing had changed I was still in huge pain. I was told to stay on the painkillers (which were not working) and to have some physio, which turned out to be a waste of time. This was the only help I was being offered. Still in pain three or four months later, my schoolwork now being affected I sought alternative help and went to see Lilias. She ran a number of frequencies through my back until she found the one which gave me relief and discovered where the pain was coming from.
When I got off her couch after the last treatment I was able to say “I have no pain” this was amazing. I feel like a new person, I am back doing sport and riding my ponies again – such a relief. I am able to concentrate on my schoolwork again, which was beginning to worry me as I am in my GCSE year. Without Lilias’s help I would still be wracked with pain. Should you find yourself in pain with no answers just go and see Lilias.

Miss I.C., Chard

Autism Testimonial

My son has been on the mito protocol since August 2017, at this time his sleep pattern was very sporadic and had been this way for years. I had tried everything possible to try and help him in this area to no avail. Almost 2 weeks into the mitochondrial protocol his sleep started to improve and has gone from strength to strength and now sleeps 8-10 hours every night! His eye contact has improved even more and he is really looking at you now and watching for you to make eye contact back. He is also doing amazingly well with his ABA education at home, sitting at desk nicely and when he is told to leave (after he’s finished his work) he now stays sat there and asks for “more work” his ABA tutors are very impressed how quickly he is learning and how his attention span has improved massively.

Huge thanks from the bottom of my heart.

MB Hampshire

Chronic Thyroid Issues

Dear Lilias

I just wanted to say thank you.

As you know I saw my gp four weeks ago, just as I was about to start your supplements. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I did not start to take thyroxine I will die young, my gp told me it would be a stupid decision to try to heal myself any other way. He told me he had not seen blood results worse than mine and that I have hashimotos disease and am post-menopausal. At 43 years old this was quite shocking to hear.

Four weeks ago my whole body ached, it felt as if I was walking on broken glass when I got out of bed every morning. I could not roll over in bed during the night without moaning in discomfort, I went to bed at 9pm and struggled to get out of bed in the morning.

I was always cold, I thought my boiler was not working because I could not turn the heat up in my shower to a comfortable level. I was chilly even though it was on the maximum temperature and this was in the middle of summer.

My head was so sensitive I had to use a tangle teaser to brush my hair and sometimes I avoided brushing at all because it was so uncomfortable.

Four weeks in and I have no pain in my feet, I can roll over in bed without waking, the shower is suddenly scalding and I can use a comb in my hair. I wake up alert and sometimes stay up past midnight. I have had a few nights out with friends (virtually unheard of in the past year) and I am happier.

There have been other things I have noticed, I have passed a lot of parasites, I am getting hot flushes and tender breasts. My appetite has changed and I have more strength for walking upstairs and completing household chores. I was permanently wiped out, unable at times to cook or load the dishwasher – I can do these things with ease now. It felt like the power was slowly draining out of me before whereas I now feel like my batteries are charging up.

I still have a way to go before I will be fully functioning, I am still tired and physically weaker than I have been in the past but the difference is dramatic. I am not going to take the thyroxine yet, in 8 weeks time I will have another blood test but if my recovery continues on this trajectory I am certain I will not need it. I stopped taking every other supplement I was on so I know it is dr kuceras supplements that are having this effect on me.

I will send another update in 4 weeks time.

Thank you again


I came across the Mitochondrial Rescue protocols when I was 30 years old.  I was in a very bad place health wise.  I had been sick since I was about 12 years old with severe depression and chronic fatigue, which was getting worse as the years went by.  I had visited many doctors, tried so many expensive treatments by the time I was in my 20’s, yet nothing made me feel better.

It was very upsetting to keep trying the things which many people had raved about – and to feel none of it worked for me.  I even contemplated ending my life because I thought ‘if this is how I am going to end up, there is no point going on.’

I had been sick all my life, both physically and mentally, it affected every aspect of my life.  My mental state was very erratic and I was often very paranoid and easily upset.  I had no mental strength and no coping mechanisms. It was as if I wasn’t in control of my brain.   I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know how to ‘fix’ it.

I had suffered severe stress from a young age, I found myself constantly uncontrollably crying all throughout my teens. I had a terrible time in my twenties as my health got worse and my mental state continued to decline.  At  25 I had been placed in a mental hospital for a short while.  By the time I was almost 30, I was at my wits end, about to give up.   Everyone I went to see, said that there was nothing wrong with me because I had ‘normal’ test  results.  I was told by a few psychiatrists that  ‘I would just have to get used to how I was’.   

Thank goodness I was introduced to the Mitochondrial protocols.

When I first had an HRV test done all those years ago, they were shocked that someone so young was so ill’.  Although It was scary to hear that, it was also a relief to finally have someone who could show me the evidence that I was indeed in need of help.   My body was unable to adapt to so much stress. The science behind the HRV test and the supplements were explained to me and it all suddenly started to make sense to me.  Finally I had hope!

I have now been on the supplements for more than ten years.   I can say without hesitation what they have done for my life is nothing short of miraculous.   

Whilst it took me a while to respond to the protocols, I can clearly remember the day when I knew I was finally healing. I was on a trip to Morocco and was able to walk up a mountain path easily that would have been an utter impossibility in the past.  I used to be so weak I couldn’t even put a duvet cover on by myself.  I used to be so fatigued that a simple chore would wipe me out. I stayed on the couch or in bed most of the time.  Being able to feel strong enough to walk up this path with ease was a huge deal for me.  I knew I was finally healing.

My previous health issues caused huge problems for my partner too.  He would have to miss out on going places, because I was ‘too tired’.  I literally felt like I was 80 years old.  Ironically my first HRV test showed that was the state of my organs! 

I also discovered through the testing that my heart was damaged! I wasn’t surprised to hear this because I used to get very odd palpitations and on a few occasions had nearly blacked out. 

After three months of being on the protocol my heart was completely normal and I have never had any issues with it since, if anything it is incredibly healthy.

Now I am 42, with my life going on a far more positive course since I started the mitochondrial protocols.  After two years on the supplements, I had improved so much that I didn’t regard myself as ‘mentally unwell’ any longer. The paranoia had gone, the arguments with my husband had virtually disappeared!  I finally had emotional strength and my life was far less chaotic.

The violent mood swings have stopped and I have more energy than ever before.   Whilst today, I still could not run a marathon, I am able to walk wherever I need to and do gentle exercise.  

What makes me so proud and is how I can attest to the benefits of the supplements, is that I am now a mother to two very healthy girls.  What astounds me is the fact that I had two labours with zero problems. 

The mid wife who was with me the first time I gave birth, would test my heart rate, then my daughters and marvel that both of us were showing ZERO signs of any stress.  She said to me ‘Anna, in all my 25 years of midwifery, I have never worried LESS about a mother and baby this whole time’.    She even stayed on after her shift ended to see my daughter being born.  She said it was a very special birth.

My second labour was even better, it was much quicker, and had zero complications. This time there was no midwife to record anything, because I gave birth on my own at home as the baby came so quickly!

What I have since learnt is that the hypothalamus plays a HUGE role in giving birth.   When it is functioning well, it is more likely that the mother giving birth will have a stress free experience!  Knowing what the supplements do in the body leaves me in no doubt that they are the reason why I had these two amazing births.

I have since become very passionate about health and child well being. I have gone on to write a book ‘Toxic World Toxic People’ about the effects of toxicity on our health and now I also write health articles for a media company.   I would never have been able to do this all those years ago.  The Mitochondrial Rescue supplements literally gave me my life back. I tell everyone that is willing to listen what has happened to me.   I have over the years sent many friends and loved ones to discover the protocol for themselves.  Everyone should be on these if they want to live a long and healthy life.

A Rodgers, Sussex

How I Reclaimed My Life

I talked to Lilias Ahmeira about Mitochondrial Therapy in May 2017 and thought the HRV sounded fascinating, so booked a consultation for me and my mum in July 2017.  Mum had a serious stroke in June 2016, but thankfully no paralysis or speech impediments etc. so we all thought she was OK. 

Her HRV results were alarming with her stress levels being extremely high and power levels in her cells being extremely low. Her readings indicated that she was at risk of imminent heart failure!

Lilias was so concerned that she gave her some carnosine on the spot, knowing it would enter her blood stream within 20 mins. giving her a level of protection.  She put her on a course of supplements and the subsequent check-up readings showed some improvement.

Lilias was so caring and thoughtful that she would call me periodically just to check up on her. After a few months when the results didn’t show a enough improvement for Lilias, so she arranged for a Heart Vue and referral to a doctor practicing Mitochondrial Therapy for a fresh set of eyes.  He recommended a few changes and things slowly started to change.

We have just come back from a check up with that doctor (Aug 2018) and I am pleased to say that her stress index and power levels are now within the normal ranges which is a huge relief, and all this has been achieved in just over a year!

Without Lilias’s intervention Mum probably would not be here today so I am so grateful to her for saving Mums life!

S. GoelLondon

I have been seeing Lilias for about a month. I am only 28 years old and consider myself fit and healthy but after months of feeling low and tired – and my normal doctors not knowing what the problem was and passing it off as fatigue – a friend of mine recommended Lilias.

So I booked myself an appointment, and boy I wish I had done it sooner. As soon as she saw me, she knew there was a problem. My hollow eyes and pale skin was a big give away.  After testing and a long conversation about my health & diet, Lilias proposed a dietary plan suited to my needs and the mitochondrial supplements.

It has completely changed my life, just after one month.  I have more energy and I feel extremely focused on the tasks at hand.

I have never felt so good, Lilias is great at keeping in touch and making sure I am progressing well. My 3 month review is coming up in October and I am really looking forward to seeing the results after being on the protocols for a few months.

Gone are the early evening crashes and struggles to get out of bed in the morning. My 12 hour days are now a breeze and my strength and fitness have increased ten fold.

I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling like they haven’t got the energy to carry on – thank you so much Lilias, I look forward to feeling this great for the rest of my life!

S HutchinsonHull

I first saw Lilias about 2 months ago. I had absolutely no energy and a real sense of ‘I can’t be bothered’ my skin was pale, I couldn’t spend any time whatsoever in the sun and I had serious stomach issues that doctors passed off as ‘IBS’ which I have since learnt, is not a real condition.

Since seeing Lilias, my health has come on leaps and bounds – after multiple tests she started me on Vitamin D3, a tailored health and diet plan including the mitochondrial protocols.

I can now spend hours in the sun without being burnt for the first time in my life, I do not get tired and I do not feel sick after spending even an hour or so in the sun – how my summer changed dramatically this year for the first time ever I have a tan!

Lilias ran her food panel tests on me and highlighted multiple food items (that I considered to be healthy) that were actually having a very detrimental effect on me and caused my gut to flare up. Since removing the foods that made me feel sick, I have lost about a stone, hardly ever get bloated and my cravings for sugary sweets are (practically) gone!

My energy levels and feelings of well being are sky high. I have never felt so alive and I am only a young woman of 25 years old. The mitochondrial supplements have had an extremely noticeable (and positive) effect on my body. I find myself leaping out of bed in the morning, ready for the day. My thoughts are streamlined and I find myself completing my workload without even breaking a sweat.

I cannot thank Lilias enough, she has been so supportive over the past couple of months and I am due to see her again in September to review how I am responding to the treatment and to catch up. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone and have done so with many of my peers and family. 

C. McDonaldLondon

Just before I met Lilias I had reached a very unhealthy point in my life.   I was the heaviest I have ever been, having gained a lot of excess weight that no matter what I did I couldn’t lose (and even when I did it always slowly crept back on).

Following her advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle since our first meeting I’ve felt the best I have ever been both physically mentally.  In 6 months I lost 20 kilos and have continued to keep it off. My diet is no longer just a ‘diet’ but part of my new healthy lifestyle and I have never felt better! 

Lilias has such an extensive knowledge on all things health and well being. She is kind, patient and has the most wonderful healing energy about her.  Lilias’s desire to help people is extremely evident in her presence and in her whole practice. Lilias helped me re-claim my life! 

R. Coutts

As a relatively young, fit and healthy 22 year old I started the mitochondrial support supplements.  I was not expecting much of a change, as I already considered myself to be quite well. 

From just the first few weeks the changes were very noticeable! 

I was waking up naturally in the morning rather then snoozing my alarm 6 times.   I wasn’t yawning anymore or binging out on junk food at 3pm. Basically the wall I used to hit come mid afternoon no longer existed. My sleep actually felt more restful and I had more energy and focus than before.  I realise now that my perception of what it meant to feel ‘well’ wasn’t really well at all! 

Along with the mitochondrial supplements Lilias recommended life style and diet changes to help me live an all around healthier life, and I’ve never felt better!  I would recommend Lilias to anyone – from people with serious health issues to anyone feeling like they just need a little boost! 

L. Connors

Two years ago, after a long history of occasional frightening attacks of heart arrhythmias (accompanied by very high blood pressure and always related to carbohydrate intake), I dropped into permanent atrial fibrillation. I then became breathless on the slightest exertion and incredibly tired and lifeless.

I took a considered decision not to accept orthodox NHS treatment – I did not take blood thinners and I did not accept cardioversion (to stop and restart my heart) or surgery (catheter ablation) as I was unhappy about the possible unwanted effects.

I was fortunate to find Lilias. On my first consultation with her she was concerned that, according to her state of the art machine, my ability to respond to stress was extremely low. I was also reading very low on many other parameters. Lilias started me on her mitochondrial regime and within a few short weeks, my stress tolerance noticeably improved. A year later, I am still in atrial fibrillation and still somewhat breathless on exertion. However, I can now do a lot more than I used to and can even walk for a couple of hours – which I simply couldn’t do before.

I am very grateful for this improvement and for beginning to feel like my old self again. I fully expect to get better still as time goes on and can heartily recommend Lilias as a caring, confident and very knowledgeable therapist.

ADT (71 Years)Cheshire

“Thank you so much Lilias.  This treatment really has changed my life completely in less than two months!  I have as you know, been battling to recover my health for nearly 8 years, and this is the best I have felt in that time, and the difference between me, 7 weeks ago, and me today when writing this, is simply, like night and day.

I have boundless energy, where previously, I had none.  I have motivation and a desire to move forward and be creative, when previously I had none.  More, I have been able to actually do something about that motivation and desire, and turn it into positive action and movement.  I have set up a new business, am following my passion, and am able to get up every morning before the alarm, and everyone else in the house, when previously, they would all be about their daily business before I would awake.

It is truly phenomenal how far I have come in such a short space of time, and I have no doubt, that if I have come this far in 7 weeks, the next 7 weeks will be even better, and so on, moving forward.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


My son is aged 8, he has Autism and has been on the Mitochondrial Therapy now for just over 12 months.
During this time we have seen him steadily mature, he is much less fidgety and calmer in himself.  He has been consistently growing in both height and weight, which is good to see, he had always been a slim child wearing clothes the size below his age but now since being on this protocol he has filled out and shot up in height and is now wearing age appropriate size clothes or even the next size up-something I though I would never see!

Our biggest improvement however is speech, when we first saw Lilias he was barely verbal, he could request for his needs but not much else, over the last 6 months in particular he has started asking questions, commenting on any and every situation (and appropriately), and his comprehension of language has improved considerably- we now have a chatty child! All this has meant he is now starting to interact much more with his classmates and family and has developed a new level of self-confidence, awareness and enjoyment.

GH, Cheshire


Thank you for introducing me to Mitochondria Therapy! I have been struggling with hormonal and weight issues for over 10 years. I have been seeing regular doctors, naturopath doctors, functional doctors and taken tons of supplements, watched my diet, but nothing has helped. I’ve had mineral analysis done on my hair and it showed heavy metals toxicity, I was on a heavy metal detox protocol for 6 months (prior to meeting you) but when I got results back pretty much nothing had changed and my results didn’t improve a lot, so I gave up. I have now been on the mitochondria therapy for 7 weeks and today after our scans I can see a lot of improvements in my body. The heavy metals are hugely reduced from my system, the mold is hugely reduced. Really in 7 weeks, this is amazing, no other supplements have ever done this for me.

Dear Lilias you are a Blessing in my life!!!

Svetlana SH, New York

Hormones, Weight and PCOS

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