By Lilias Ahmeira

As parents, how many of you have spent thousands of pounds on supplements, hoping and praying that it will make a difference, only to have your hopes dashed?  You see some improvements, and then everything tails off and the new step forward remains, but that final piece of the recovery is still out of your grasp and your child plateaus for months if not years.  

I believe that has now changed.  I have been a practitioner for over 20 years and never have I been as excited as I am today sharing this.  I have an autistic son and I am now seeing the end in sight.  Everything I thought I knew has been turned on it’s head and when you read this you will understand why.

In the West when we have a problem with a particular organ or aspect of the body we rush in to support it.  This is often done with allopathic supplementation, which is a ‘one size fits all’ approach addressing symptoms.   We support the organs of the body, we attempt to detox the brain and other areas of the body.  When everything else defeats us, we employ antibiotics.  We have all done it in spades, and yes we may see some steps forward, but that is all.  The cost of such actions to heal our children can be huge, emotionally, physically and financially.  However, the total recovery seems to continue to elude us.  

The question we should really be asking ourselves, is why did that area of the body break down in the first place?  Why did the body not have sufficient power to run that aspect of the body optimally, after all they are young?   The answer to this question is mitochondria.

Your mitochondria are tiny bacteria in our cells, known as organelles.  They are tiny powerhouses, which have their own micro digestive system breaking down fatty acids and carbohydrates.  These nutrients are then metabolised into Adenosine Triphosphate, (ATP) to enrich our cells with the power and energy to manage every aspect of our body.  Therefore they are critical to our body’s ability to recover. This is where Mitochondrial Therapy is able to help.

Mitochondria are so precious and sensitive however, they are easily damaged by stress, antibiotics, radiation, pollution, chemicals and vaccines.  So why is this so important to our children?  Illness, plain and simple, is a result of an inefficiency or lack of mitochondria in the body to support and heal itself.

Put simply – if you have a flat battery and you do not have enough power to turn the starter motor over, you will never get to see the fuel.   This is the reason why all the supplements you have been administering are not hitting the mark, and the body cannot see them, or assimilate them.  Simply put there is not enough power to turn the starter motor.

Now, for the answer.

Let me take you on a journey out of this world – literally.  When an astronaut goes into space their bodies age and break down internally much faster than on earth.  This is because of the exposure to damaging affects of cosmic radiation from the sun, which accelerate the break down of mitochondria.  Hence we age, and our bodies stop functioning properly.  The Russians would like to fly a man to Mars, however it takes two years to get to Mars and their bodies probably would not make it unless it was possible to protect and optimise their mitochondria. 

After fifteen years of research on the Russian Mars 500 Project, a group of brilliant scientists cracked it.  We feel unbelievably fortunate to be able to offer the same nutrients to rescue your mitochondria, and in turn help our children.

What they discovered was, that around 16 years of age, the natural carnosine in our body is at it’s optimum level. This is the time when we feel invincible, we want to party and nothing can touch us.  According to the most recent Russian research, we officially start to age around 26, and by the time we hit 40 we have considerably less mitochondria in our cells than we had in our twenties.  When we reach our mid to late 50’s, some of us may no longer have sufficient power in our mitochondria to prevent serious diseases from developing, causing huge heart ache and worry.  

The research showed that in order to keep the mitochondria at it’s optimum, or to kick start that battery again, our body’s needed huge amounts of carnosine every two hours.  The amounts were so huge that it would mean over 1000 capsules per day for an average weight man.  You would never do it and the cost would be prohibitive.  So through their scientific expertise they discovered that by altering and enhancing carnosine, the mitochondria could assimilate much smaller amounts and it would be affordable through a licensed practitioner.

When you restore the full functioning of the mitochondria, the body has the ability to heal itself.  Yes I hear you saying what about the stemming, the PANDAs, the parasites the gut dysbiosis, the global delay?

Let me speak from personal experience now.  My son was born severely autistic with global delay in 1999.  Over the years we have made huge strides forward, but the last bit has always been out of my grasp.  He is 6’ 2” talking, hugely naive, gets very anxious in certain situations and does not understand danger, but I can take him anywhere.  The last bit to heal is the brain.  Tom has been on the Mitochondrial Rescue protocols for four months now.  His initial reading showed he had very little power in his body to function optimally, and he was burnt out. I have observed similar reading results with many of the other children I have since tested on the spectrum with the HRV testing.

The Mitochondrial protocols, they work from the bottom of the iceberg to the top in that order.  In other words from the cellular level up, so the symptoms on the surface may be the last things to be resolved.  They start by restoring the mitochondria, by repairing the damaged protein structures, re-sensitising damaged receptors, and optimising the ability of the mitochondria to produce energy, until the body is fully regenerated to each person’s maximum potential – and this includes the brain and cognition.  For an autistic patient, depending on age, this can take several years and is monitored on a regular basis through testing to measure the results achieved.

In four months, my son Tom has gone from having no idea of his shortcomings to being totally aware of them.  It is like having a 6’ 2” two year old walking around who is asking questions the whole time.  “How does this work?” “What does this mean?”  Now wanting to watch age appropriate films, and understanding colloquialisms.  We have a way to go yet, but the end is now in sight.

So what is involved with Mitochondrial Therapy?  First of all a heart rate variability (HRV) test is required. This test takes five minutes and there is no placebo affect with HRV testing.  Clients are asked not to eat anything or drink anything stimulatory for two hours prior to having a test.  A test involves the subject sitting still for five minutes, which may be a big ask for some children, whilst the measurements are taken.  However, enough information can usually be taken in shorter durations for those who find it hard to be still.  The test is performed on a state of the art Russian device, which is not your average HRV machine.  A print out gives you a great deal of data as to the state of your heart rate, arrhythmias, efficiency of the autonomic nervous system, and the total power the body has to expend, where it is being spent, and what the power deficiencies are.  Mitochondrial Rescue supplement formulas are then recommended on the strength of these readings. 

Slowly, as the body takes back it’s strength and vitality, the body’s organs, glands and systems can manage and adapt to the stresses of daily life.


Here are two examples of young people on the spectrum taking the Mitochondrial Rescue protocols. 

The first boy of 7 with gut issues, doesn’t want to eat anything apart from about 5 foods, very little language, quite hyper and simply not improving with other interventions.  From the central chart we can see that his heart rate is raised, the balance of his autonomic nervous system (SDNN) is very high placing his body function predominantly in the Parasympathetic.  His stress index is so low that it suggests he has used up all his reserves and is unable to cope with the internal stress.  Index of Centralization at this high level suggests his hypothalamus (the central controller in the brain) is working very hard and struggling to retain control.  Such is the stress that his heart is exhibiting arrhythmias beyond an acceptable range.  His total power is well beyond an acceptable range coming in at 29,607, which for reasons too lengthy to go into here would be read at 2960.  HF (is representative of the parasympathetic  nervous system – food digestion, absorption, detoxification) based on a % of the total power, so too is the LF (Sympathetic system, Cardiovascular, regeneration and oxygenation of the cells) and VLF (Immune system, communication and self expression, endocrine system, anabolic hormones necessary for repair and regeneration).  In a nutshell he is not able to adapt to the stress of his body and the majority of his energy (in the LF) is going towards keeping his cells oxygenated and adapting to the stress.

You can also read my very own case study about how Mitochondrial Therapy has helped my own son here.

Mitochondrial Therapy
Mitochondrial Therapy

Such a different picture two months later on the protocols.

Heart rate – reduced.

SDNN – acceptable

Stress Index – acceptable

Index of Centralisation – acceptable

Arrhythmias – significantly reduced (Scattergram diagram)

LF – significantly reduced.

Mitochondrial Therapy

Next up is a 15 year old lad, who is more Aspergers than autistic, but his body is hugely stressed.  His behaviour can be challenging and requires sensitive handling.

Heart Rate: 57 below normal

SDNN : 202 is well above an acceptable level.

Stress Index: 4 suggests he has used up all his reserves and is barely able to cope.

Index of Centralisation: 3.3, above normal

Arrhythmias: 8.2, way above acceptable. (Scattergram)

Total Power: 24,457 in this instance would be read as 244 – so has very little power to function.  This power being divided between HF, LF and VLF.

Mitochondrial Therapy

After two months on Mitochondrial Therapy:

Heart Rate: Acceptable

SDNN: Reduced from 202 to 132

Stress Index: Raised from 4 to 13

Index of Centralisation: Reduced from 3.3 to 1.8, within range.

Arrhythmias:  Reduced from 8.2 to 1.9, within range.

LF:  Reduced from 56.1 to 46.0

Total Power now read as 160 and body is in an activation phase, which is good.

Copyright © Lilias Ahmeira 2017


Mitochondrial Therapy does not diagnose, treat or cure anything.  Mitochondrial Rescue supplement formulas support the regulatory control systems that help to build the body’s natural strength and resistance


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