The Autism Epidemic

Learn about Autism

Having an Autistic child and being a practitioner for nearly 20 years at the most cutting edge end of energy medicine, I have discovered lots and decided to dedicate this page to these four topics: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Electromagnetic Frequencies and KryptoPyrrolUria.

In 2008, the statistics for Autism were 1:54 children born in the UK (2008 statistics) would have a spectrum disorder and this figure they predicted would double every five years. We now have a tsunami coming of children who will be growing up with these disorders and we do not, at present, have the resources to support and assist them and their families. The powers that be, seem to have very little understanding of what they are really dealing with. Most of these children will be afflicted by one if not all of the following:

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Lyme Disease
Electromagnetic Frequencies
KryptoPyrrolUria and Autism

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