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There IS Hope for Autism

Having an Autistic child and being a practitioner for nearly 20 years at the most cutting edge end of energy medicine, I have discovered lots and decided to dedicate this page to these four topics: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Electromagnetic Frequencies and KryptoPyrrolUria.

In 2008, the statistics for Autism were; 1:54 children born in the UK would have a spectrum disorder and this figure they predicted would double every five years. We now have a tsunami coming of children who will be growing up with these disorders and we do not, at present, have the resources to support and assist them and their families. The powers that be, seem to have very little understanding of what they are really dealing with. Most of these children will be afflicted by one if not all of the following:

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Lyme Disease
Electromagnetic Frequencies
KryptoPyrrolUria and Autism


This is a hugely complicated disorder which affects the brain and the gut predominantly it creates huge amounts of co-infections and every person is different in the way it is manifested therefore each person has to be treated on an individual basis.

Autism is a disease with a complex genetic pattern of susceptibilities.

Currently only a small portion of cases of autism are explainable by genetics. Instead of having a genetic disorder, people with autism are better described as having a genetic susceptibility. The environment and other factors are clearly playing a role and although most researchers acknowledge this in their studies it appears to have been largely ignored.

Diet can play a huge role with these children. Having a urinary peptide test from the Sunderland University is a good start to find out whether it is necessary to avoid Gluten and Casein or if indeed you require a Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

Removing the heavy metals, co-infections and the toxic load is paramount and is on going in all cases, which also can bring huge rewards and changes.

Enzymes and Probiotics can also make a huge difference to the way food is assimilated and how the gut can heal.

Most people with Autism are hugely magnesium deficient and the best way to get magnesium into the body is transdermally. By avoiding the stomach and the liver (by not taking it orally) it goes straight into the blood stream and is far more effective and is the closest way to absorbing it to IV magnesium. Epsom salt baths are also hugely beneficial.

I have followed Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s protocols for years with my own son and with many of my clients and have found his methods to be excellent and bring consistent results. New methodologies are emerging all the time as we learn more about this evolving spectrum disorder. The new quantum technologies give us the opportunity to look in real time at what exactly is happening with our children from the inside out, in real time. This is a huge and exciting break through.

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