Digestion, Digestion, Digestion, everything is affected by Digestion. It is the fundamental most important aspect of your body to get right. If you do not have the appropriate level of stomach acid then your food is unable to be digested properly and it allows pathogens to take up residence such as H. Pylori, causing all sorts of problems.

digestive systemMost people do not realize that many of their Hormones and Neuro Transmitters like Serotonin, are secreted in the digestive system, if your stomach acid is too low these can be impaired. There is a cascade of reactions to the Digestion process not occurring as it should. For instance, if you have poor enzyme secretion to help break down foods, then they are left partially digested and the bye products (metabolites) can cause food allergies etc. Vitamin B12 is produced in the Digestion process, but this becomes difficult if the conditions are not right.

When the biological terrain is unhappy, pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, fungi then take over and finally viruses. This then puts huge stresses on the immune system, the lymph system, and you generally feel awful. It is a bit like a garden. When you love your garden you weed it often, you nourish certain plants with plant food, and generally spend time appreciating it. Your Digestion is no different. It needs the correct nourishment for the right stomach acid for example apple cider vinegar and beet powder – there are many others. It needs the right enzymes to help break the foods down for assimilation. It needs the correct flauna and fauna in the form of probiotics – cultured foods, sauerkraut. Your garden does not need sugar, and E numbers and all things artificial. It’s a bit like sticking a garden gnome in your stomach – your system does not know what to do with it, so stores it in fat until such time as the body can work out what can be done with it – it does not belong there.

Solutions: Test your ph through your awakening urine. Acquire some ph paper, which has a range of 5.5 – 8.0 and then dip a small piece into your urine either in a vessel of some sort or if you are awake enough hold it mid stream. You are aiming for a ph between 6.4 -7.00. If yours is 5.5 or below it is too acidic need to step up those leafy greens, green juices and barley grass can be helpful here too.

Above 7.0 then it may be a bit alkaline. This may be due to being a vegetarian and eating a great deal of raw food. By introducing a little more cooked food into the diet this may help or there may be some ammonia issues, time to seek some professional help.

A good mineral balance is crucial for Digestion as it will buffer the ph balance.

Should you find yourself with your Digestion not going according to plan, then get in touch with Lilias who will test and have a look at the situation and give you some guidance.

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