Hormones are about balance. Other things in the body have to start falling out of balance to have a knock on affect in this area. Your body’s ph is crucial, as is the digestion as many of the hormones are secreted in this area. Adrenals also have to be in balance too.

balanceEvery day things that can disrupt your Estrogen levels, and send increasing amounts circulating through your body are:

Heavy Metals – think fillings in your mouth
Solvents – think swimming pools, painting and decorating, printing, etc.
Teflon Coating
Hair Spray
Plastics – think drinking bottles.
Coffee – think mold

It is really important for women to eat lots of cruciferous vegetables for their Estrogens.

Women’s cycles tend to run like this: day 1 – 13 Pituitary is producing Estrogen and on days 14 – 28 the body is producing Progesterone.

The Liver is responsible for the breaking down of harmful Estrogens, so if your Liver is not happy, toxic or congested then this process can be impaired.

Foods that can support this process are:

Bak Choi

If timings of Estrogen and Progesterone are out it may be the reason for the following:

PMS Polycystic Ovaries Infertility
Endometriosis Adenomyosis Ovarian Cysts
Fibroids Heavy Periods Short Cycle
Mood Swings Weight Gain Depression
Breast Cancer Uterine Cancer

Hormones out of balance for men can cause:

Male Baldness
Enlarged Prostate
Lack of Sexual vitality.

Basic Hormones:

Estradiol – E2 is a strong Estrogen
Estradiol – E3 is a weaker Estrogen and can be therapeutically helpful.
2 Hydroxyestrone – is regarded as a good Estrogen and has a protective factor.
4 Hydroxyestrone and 16 Hydroxestrone are considered harmful. If you choose to eat junk foods, drink from plastic bottles, eat non-organic foods, and have very little fibre in your diet then these foods can metabolize into these putting you at a greater risk of breast cancers.
Progesterone – is really important for the protection against breast cancer, it is anti aging, great for the metabolism, helps regulate menstrual cycles and has an impact on fertility issues.
Testosterone – in women is produced in the ovaries and the adrenal glands. The ovaries function to help produce testosterone even after menopause. It is important for bone strength and development of lean muscle mass and strength. Testosterone also contributes to overall sense of well-being and energy level. It is best known for its crucial role is a woman’s sex drive or libido.

Thyroid Hormones:

T3 – high can indicate adrenal stress
T4 – deficiency is often a nutritional indicator
T3 – conversion issues – may indicate gut problems.


Above all, so much of this can go back to digestion. So eat plenty of fresh organic vegetables, which contain lots of anti-oxidants. Zinc to support the stomach making hydrochloric acid for the correct ph. Limit or cut out coffee to ensure no mold issues. Ensure Liver, Digestion, and Kidneys are happy. For further support, make an appointment to see Lilias.

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