Liver and Gall Bladder Issues

The Liver is such an important organ in the body and needs to be looked after regularly. It performs over 500 biochemical functions. It takes up much of the space on the front right hand side of your rib cage under your chest.

The Liver filters your blood so if your lifestyle is not the healthiest it can potentially have a lot of work to do ie. drinking, smoking, poor diet, heavy metals etc. It can also be under assault from the environment too. If your diet contains a lot of meat, the Liver breaks down ammonia from protein digestion ie red meats.

liver anatomyBile is produced in the Liver, and then stored in the Gall Bladder, Bile also has the potential to store many toxins.

Having too many hot flushes (or hot flashes if you are in North America)? Be aware it is the Liver that processes harmful estrogens, so if you are having hot flushes, your hormones may be out of balance, because your Liver is unable to detox these estrogens due to congestion.

The Liver also produces glycogen, which is a storage mechanism of glucose in the body. It regulates cholesterol; it stores Fat-solutble vitamins A, D E and K.

You cannot really separate the Liver and Gall Bladder as their functions are so intertwined.

A quick look at bile: Bile is an emulsifier, it breaks down fats into smaller manageable sizes for the small intestine to break it down further, and then turn it into water soluble substances to exit from the body via the large colon. However, if bile does not flow freely it builds up silt and gall stones. Bile must have good nutrition to work well and stay healthy. If you find yourself putting on weight all of a sudden it could be your gall bladder is not working efficiently and so the fats are being redistributed around the body instead of being broken down to exit.

Regular Liver and Gall Bladder care and support, is essential to ensuring good on going health. To keep these areas healthy you need proper hydration, plenty of fibre. Liver foods are carrots Beta Carotein, Burdock Root, Green Juices, Whey Protein to name a few.

Coffee enemas and Castor Oil packs can also be very beneficial for people.

Better still, make an appointment with Lilias and get your Liver and Gall Bladder properly checked out to ensure it is working at it’s optimum and or to address any issues which may be concerning you.

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