Does Aloe Vera Remove Stretch Marks ?

So What Causes them and how can they be treated?

Stretch Marks are often caused by sudden growth spurts (usually in teenagers) rapid weight gain (pregnancy) they can also be caused by people who work out a lot and are trying to create increased muscle mass, and those who are susceptible to sudden increases in the abdomen.

Stretch marks can occur because of hormonal changes ie. in pregnancy, and puberty also can alter the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, and so the skin is susceptible to tearing.  They can also occur in puberty with those huge growth spurts teenagers have.

Stretch marks can also be a sign of Cushing’s Syndrome.  The body starts to produce larger amounts of cortisol and increased weight whereby the skin starts to lose its elasticity and thin leading to the formation of reddish-purple stretch marks.

You may notice two different types of stretch marks:

Red stretch marks (striae rubra) form because of the stretching of the dermal layer of the skin, allowing the blood vessels in the layer below to show through.

White stretch marks (striae alba) appear where the blood vessels have receded, showing the fat beneath the dermal layer. This explains their silvery white appearance.

Stretch marks will generally disappear themselves in time and many of the products on the market are pretty useless.  However the use of certain essential oils have proven to be useful, they are also good for you on many levels.

One caviat here, esure you dilute your essential oil in a carrier oil if you are applying it to the skin a good ratio is 2:1.  Suggested oils are Lavender, Sandalwood, Tangerine and Frankincense.  Please be aware frankincense oil should not be used during pregnancy and it can cause premature labour and or menstruation.

Does Aloe Vera Remove Stretch Marks ?

Does Aloe Vera Remove Stretch Marks

Does Aloe Vera Remove Stretch Marks – Lilias Ahmeira

Aloe Vera is also wonderful for the skin and may help prevent stretch marks if you are susceptible to them.  Aloe has fabulous anti-inflammatory effects, it is cooling, moisturizing, try applying twice a day to lighten the colour of stretch marks or prevent them altogether.

Interestingly lemon juice applied to stretch marks and left on for a around 15 – 20 mins and removed with cold water can boost the collagen in the skin because of the high amounts of vitamin C a lemon possesses.  Lemons are also known for the bleaching and whitening properties.


Above all avoid them in the first place, by ensuring you are:

* Eating a healthy diet

* Avoid Alcohol

* Use Vitamin E

* Exercise Regularly

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