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Do you understand the difference between and intolerance or an allergy?

Many people will say “I have an allergy or an intolerance to something”, but do you really know and understand what they mean? They are hugely different, as one can be life threatening and the other can cause real discomfort, inflammation and digestion issues.Let’s take a look at food intolerance examples.

A true allergy causes an immune system response that affects numerous organs in the body, in severe cases an allergic reaction to a food can be life-threatening.  For example a bee sting can be very serious for some people as Peanuts can be for others. There are many who need to carry around Epi pens (containing a dose of adrenaline for anaphylactic shock) as their reactions are so serious.

In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and often limited to digestive problems.

Severe food allergies begin by producing symptoms within minutes of ingestion of the offending food. Generally an immune response will be trigged known as Immunoglobulin E (IgE) beginning within 2 hours at most from the time of ingestion.  Food intolerances, are characterized by a delay of several hours, from the time of eating the food and the onset of symptoms, which may last for days afterwards.

Food Intolerance Examples

The history of a person with true food allergies will often be positive for an atopic disorder, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis or eczema. Eczema occurring within the first 12 months of life is quite often linked to a food allergy and there could be may well be a family history of food allergies. Food intolerances are not linked to a family history.

So how do we know what is triggering a reaction in us.  Sometimes you are just so run down that you feel as if everything is triggering you.  What you may not realize is that food intolerances cannot be diagnosed by immunologic skin prick or IgE measurements. Instead, elimination tests were your only option until now.

Bio resonance is amazing. Through taking a simple reading of your body’s energy we can assess what are the top foods or environmental factors which are triggering reactions in you. These are things like dog hair, mites, grass, perfumes and penicillin.

food intolerance examples

Food Intolerance Examples – Lilias Ahmeira Holistic Practitioner

There is an old saying.  “The solution to pollution is dilution”

 This is very relevant for many of you.  When you ingest something that does not agree with your body, for example, “wheat”, then the body tells itself to reduce passing fluids and increase your fluid intake in order to dilute the toxin. You may notice that some people just look puffy and this can often be the reason. They are permanently eating things that their body doesn’t like.  So as a result the body keeps on taking on more and more fluids to dilute the intolerance. This can set up inflammation and fluid retention.

I have a video on my youtube channel. Find it here Lilias Ahmeira Holistic Practitioner it’s all about allergies and intolerances please take a look.

Many folk experience weight loss to some degree as soon as they stop eating the offending foods or avoid the environmental triggers. This is because the body no longer has a requirement to take on fluids to protect itself.  This often translates into feeling you have more energy, feeling brighter, less brain fog, increased concentration and focus.

So are you ready to find out what is triggering your responses in the body?  Why not book a simple bio resonance test today.  It is quick and easy, no needles involved. I will test over 30 different top miscreants that normally upset people including, dairy, wheat, soy, coffee, milk, sulfites, corn.  Surely it is better to know and then you can start taking back your health and vitality.

Contact me and book a test today.  A name, DOB, photograph, and 15 second voice recording is all it takes. From this you will receive a list of the top triggers.

food intolerance examples

Food Intolerance Examples – Lilias Ahmeira Holistic Practitioner

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