Putting the brakes on the Ageing Train

We all want to feel amazing all of the time.  To look and feel beautiful or handsome, to have boundless energy, to feel carefree (which equates to experiencing less stress).

We all remember being 16 and feeling invincible and naturally we thought we knew everything.  At 16 we have boundless energy, our skin is amazing and our ability to learn and study is optimal.

By the time we hit the second half of our twenties, our bodies start the slow decline, signs of deterioration start to creep in and we notice perhaps for the first time we are not quite as vital as we used to be. 

As we get older our physical body continues to deteriorate, we become slower to respond to life as our body loses power.  We are well and truly onboard the Ageing Train. Why does this happen to us?

Research has now given us the opportunity to change this.  What they discovered is the human body requires huge amounts of Carnosine per kilo of body weight every day, to keep the body regenerating at our full potential.  The amounts are so big; we would never be able to physically swallow that many capsules. We would need to take thousands of normal over the counter Carnosine capsules every day.  After nearly two decades of research, a way was found to potentise Carnosine so that just a few capsules could be taken morning and evening, to give the body the power it requires to regenerate and slow down the aging process.  So, let’s look at how this works.

The Carnosine nourishes our mitochondria, enabling our bodies to regenerate and respond to the demands we place upon it.  When we are 16 years old our Carnosine level is at its peak.  So now, perhaps we can start to see a connection. 

As we get older we can no longer produce enough Carnosine to support our mitochondrial needs to regenerate at the level our bodies require. 

It has been shown that Carnosine has the ability to rejuvenate old and damaged cells.  It can give the cells the opportunity to become fully functional and healthy again. (1)

Other studies show that there is a linear correlation between the amount of Carnosine taken and a longer time period between cell divisions and the number of divisions.  This means that the life span of the cell is significantly extended.  This is very exciting as it offers huge potential for positive change on so many levels of health. (2)

We know from our practice that patients who have continued to take Karnosin Extra over a period of 6 to 12 months generally look younger than when they first came to see us.  Very often they are delighted to tell us that the first people to notice are friends or family who have not seen them for a while.  When they tell them what they are doing the next question is usually “Where can I get some?”.

These reductions in the visual signs of ageing support the findings of laboratory research and other experiments, which demonstrate that carnosine can rejuvenate cell cultures as well as suppress the visible signs of aging of all living organisms. (3)

None of us wish to look in the mirror and be reminded of the passage of time.  Research shows carnosine significantly delays the development of wrinkles around the eyes, and helps delay and prevent curvature of the spine in the elderly. (4)

Further studies demonstrate that mice who receive carnosine look younger compared to those in the control group (non-carnosine).   They also enjoyed a 20% longer lifespan. (5) (6)

The biggest concentration of Carnosine in the human body naturally occurs in the brain, heart and muscle tissues.  Karnozin Extra has a unique formulation that keeps it active inside the cell for up to 12 hours, which is totally different from all over the counter products.

  • The Mitochondrial Rescue as highly potentised formulations of carnosine can have a very positive impact on reducing telomere damage and shortening rate when measured in cultured fibroblasts. (7)
  • Scientists have demonstrated that Carnosine can actually extend the life span of cultured human fibroblasts.
  • Carnosine can destroy transformed (mutagenic) cells
  • It can protect the body from the toxic effects of aldehydes 
  • Carnosine can protect the brain from the formation of beta-amyloid plaques as seen in Alzheimer’s disease (8)
  • It also helps prevent the mutation of a-synuclein protein found in Parkinson’s disease (9) (10) (11) (12)

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