Remote Healing

Over the years, modalities come and go, and every now and then something really special comes along which is a major game changer. Lilias is so excited to be offering these two new technologies to her clients. This will probably become the medicine of the future. The amazing fact is, it is here now and available for you to experience.

Through today’s technology, Lilias is able to connect with people from all over the world, either directly, or through Skype and share the benefits of the SRC4U utilizing QI energy and Quantum iLife using Quantum Biofeedback.

Not all things in this world, are able to be scientifically explained. However it does not mean that it does not exist. Take for example the flight of the Bumble Bee. The scientists would have you believe that it’s flight is physically impossible. Thank goodness nobody told the Bumble Bee.

New scientific developments are enabling us to embrace, harness and experience wisdom and practices which have been followed by healing masters of some of our oldest civilizations. To perhaps understand ways of thinking and healing that have been practiced and closely guarded by cultures going back thousands of years.

If your life is unbalanced and you believe you could benefit from some improvements in your health. Now is the time to be apart of the future and meet with Lilias and experience these extraordinary technologies.

quantum ilife


The SRC4U software program is a QI enhancing software that targets energetic imbalances and blockages. It disrupts those negative patterns and then works on rebuilding the QI in a positive manner. SRC4U is an acronym for Stress Relieving Companion for You. It is a qi enhancement software program. Learn more about SRC4U here.

quantum ilife

Quantum iLife

The Quantum iLife software program utilizes biofeedback, which has been scientifically proven to reduce your stress and help improve the quality of your life. Biofeedback is relaxing, can help you manage your pain, and with the assistance of a biofeedback professional like Lilias, is highly effective. Learn more about Quantum iLife here.

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