Spiritual Real Time Connection

The Src4u software is a QI enhancing software that targets energetic imbalances and blockages. It disrupts those negative patterns and then works on rebuilding the QI in a positive manner.

src4uSRC4U is an acronym for Stress Relieving Companion for You. It is a qi enhancement software program.

Stress can be emotional, physical, spiritual, environmental. It can result from fear, anxiety, pressure, worry, guilt, shame, hardship, trauma, toxins, allergies, food poisoning, injuries, a disruptive emotional or mental state, heavy metal build up, pathogens. Then there are EMFs, microwaves, computers, cell phones. How about pollutants in the air we breathe, water we drink and the processed foods we eat.

Research has shown that we are constantly bombarded with negative energy signals emitting from a diverse array of sources; microwaves, cell phones, computers, high tension wires, just to name a few; all of which cause stress.
If stress is caused by negative energy signals, then the converse should be possible. Why not create positive energy signals to combat the negative. Qi gong masters have been manipulating qi for thousands of years. Could there be a way to, for lack of a better word, synthesize the energetic signal released by the manipulation of qi, which is so devastatingly effective against stress. And so, a Supreme Grandmaster of qi gong with 30 years training and experience taught a software program how to do what he does.
They say that bumble bees cannot fly and there is a huge amount of scientific evidence to back this up. However, the bumble bee chooses to ignore this on a daily basis and goes about its busy business. Science has just not found the mechanisms to understand the bumble bees flight phenomena, as it has yet to understand or be able to measure thousands of years of successful practice as described in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

So lets look at just some of the areas this software can help with:

Issue Solver

Imagine having the potential to put an area of difficulty or disharmony into a programme and allowing it to rebalance the energy that surrounds that problem or issue.

Elemental Scanner

This area allows us to put information regarding an object, issue or a situation and to scan it, rebalance or charge, the many natural elements Fire, Earth Metal etc in order to bring harmony where before there was disharmony.


This aspect of the programme is hugely popular. One places a person’s name or one’s pet’s name and a cocktail is created of Amino Acids, Crystals, Fatty Acids, Super Foods, Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones to select just a few of the categories that are available and the frequencies of these ingredients are then sent to the recipient over a designated time frame.

Aura Scanner

Allows a recipient’s (human or animal) aura to be scanned, assessed, cleaned, strengthened and balanced over sixteen areas from the Taiji pole to the Causal field, including the main chakra points.

Acupuncture Panel

A recipient’s details are entered along with an area of stress, which needs addressing. Acupuncture points are chosen or discerned with the optional addition of tonifying/calming herbs. The frequencies are then sent for harmonizing and balancing the recipient.

Emotions Panel

Another very popular panel. We place the recipients name into the software, the stressful emotion, we rate the intensity of the issue, we explore whether there are any other aspects to this problem that could do with a little help. We decide on a time frame for rebalancing and allow the magic to happen.

Qi Gong Panel

This panel allows us to choose specific Qi Gong protocols to assist our clients during their time of need. A very powerful tool.

Sustenance Balancer

Another very appealing panel, which helps to balance the harmonics of the food/sustenance a person is eating over a designated period of time, as it relates to the overall harmonic frequency of the body.


Probably one of the most sought after programmes SRC4U offers. This programme is for all those women out there who have ups and downs (we put the men in here too sometimes Ssh.) This programme has the ability to balance 32,000 emotions normally caused by stress. So if you desire a calm and tranquil home or work place and know that your life is a little out of hand and so are your emotions then perhaps this is an area you might like to try?

The SRC4U does not heal or cure anything. At no time should inferences be made that it will cure disease or illness.

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