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ES magazine article from May 2018, please click the button below to download the PDF

Tatler February 2019

What does it take for you to feel on top of your game? A lie-in at the weekend? A week on a sun lounger somewhere hot? Or do you mostly find yourself on a sliding energy spectrum, somewhere between slightly below—par and flat—out exhausted?

What an honor to receive Aspire’s Inspirational Woman of the Year 2014 award. Thank you.


Inspirational Woman of the Year 2014

Lilias gave me light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Today I’m living a normal life and even dancing again.
You Magazine

Mail on Sunday

Lilias Curtin is the Elizabeth Taylor of Alternative Therapy.

Sunday Times Magazine

All I know is that this series I wasn’t allergic to my make-up any more.

Rory Bremner

Lilias’s elite crowd of clients include – ladies attracted by her passionate mantra, who are too exhausted to lunch plus turbo charged business execs not to mention members of The Royal Family.

Sunday Business

London’s top Magnet Specialist.
London Evening Standard

But when Lilias Curtin a wonderful Complementary Therapist rang to say that the Aqua Detox Machine was really good news and she had research to prove it – it was time to pay attention.
Telegraph Magazine

After five treatments the pain, swelling & discolouration reduced drastically and he is now running 7-10 kms per week.

Health & Fitness Magazine

Prima Magazine

Last Christmas I was so ill I could barely lift the kettle and walk across the room, this year I’ll put on Christmas for the family.

London’s 50 Most Wanted Health Guru’s – Evening Standard

Her powerful treatments are often impossible to explain, but her devoted clients take it all in their stride – the point is she gets results.

Alice Hart Davis offer a Who’s Who Guide – Lilias Curtin London’s foremost Energy Healing Therapist

London’s private healthcare practitioners have become as sought after as top chefs and as starry as the celebrities who flock to their clinics.

Aromatherapy Magazine

It changed my life. The result was nothing short of miraculous. I’m positive my condition will only continue to improve.

Parent Wise

Lilias is known among School Mothers in Fulham as the Asthma Queen.

Brides Magazine

Lilias Curtin is one of the country’s leading Aqua Detox Therapists

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