Change The Way You Look At Things

And The Things You Look At Will Change…


My Vision is to present to you the power and depth of your own magnificence and your ability to heal yourself. To assist you on your Life’s Journey to create abundant, health, wealth and happiness in all things.

I will present to you a series of inspiring talks that will look at expanding your ability to reclaim your own power, overcoming old patterns and enable you to realize your goals and dreams.

If you are a Group that meets regularly and would like an Inspirational Speaker, I would be glad to talk to you.

To discuss rates and availability please contact me or call me on 01460 66990.


Talks Include:

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Lymes Disease, Electromagnetic Stress, Childrens Health, Our Children Our Future, Lets Start Addressing Causes Not Symptoms, Sleep, and The Anatomy of the Female Orgasm.


Lilias Ahmeira speaks on Autism, Lymes and Electromagnetic Frequencies (please note this video is in 4 parts).

Or to watch the entire set on Youtube, click here

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