What is Zonulin and Is Gluten Good For The Body ?


What is zonulin and is gluten good for the body ? Gluten is a highly toxic protein. It is toxic for everyone, not just people who test allergic to it. If you take a person with a chronic condition and try removing gluten the results speak for themselves.  Anyone who consumes gluten is likely to have leaky gut and leaky brain. You do not have to test positive on an immune/allergy test to experience the negative side effects.

Why is gluten so bad?

The wheat we eat today is very different from the wheat eaten a 100 years ago it has been hybridized to create more zonulin.  Zonulin is that gooey sticky stuff that we all love about bread especially French bread.  It is highly addictive so the food manufacturers know more zonulin means you will probably eat more.


Great for business.  But it is really bad for you?

It can have huge impacts on blood sugar levels

Often people experience narcotic like effects, feeling drunk and lethargic.  It isn’t good for maintaining mental stability as it increases blood sugar levels to rise which creates high’s followed by lows.
This can increase endorphins, feel good brain chemicals, which also makes you crave more even though you have eaten enough.

Gluten can create a leaky gut.

The stomach should be like a water tight bag however gluten creates holes in the lining by loosening things called tight junctions, your stomach then acts like a sieve allowing undigested proteins to enter the blood stream. Put quite simply gluten often creates a neurological reaction.

Have you experienced brain fog? Think glutenzonulin

Gluten creates tissue inflammation/brain inflammation. How does this happen? The undigested proteins from gluten enter the blood stream from the stomach which turns into glutamorphine (it is now an opiote.) This creates the high in the brain telling you that you want more. Later the by products are dumped into the lymph and you feel awful and lethargic. Most people who eat gluten, within five minutes will have a leaky gut experience.

Loose watery stools can also be a side effect of eating gluten

Lectins are a plant’s natural defence against insects, and can cause havoc in the body.  So if you have an inflamed gut and you eat gluten you “may” experience discomfort such as pain or bloating.  Lectins can exacerbate an already inflamed gut as they bind to cells in the gut when gluten is ingested which then creates more irritation and inflammation.

Autoimmune reactions.

There are far more serious consequences for some people who are cross reactive to gluten.  This means that when they eat gluten the body attacks the gluten and anything else that “looks” like gluten or has a similar protein/biochemical structure for example your thyroid. Hence setting up tissue autoimmunity.  This will show up in blood tests as IgG or IgA Antibodies.

Medical research demonstrates that many conditions do a lot better without gluten ADHD symptoms, Autism, Hashimoto’s Heart Disease, Skin Conditions, ALS and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Bottom line

Although we all love it, our bodies would love us more if we did not consume it at all.  Why not try a month without gluten and see how you feel.  You will drop weight, feel sharper in your brain, and probably have a lot more energy as a result.

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